The coastal resort of Lubmin is located in a cove of the pomeranian part of the bal;tic coast: the Greifswalder Bodden. To the east it is joined by a vast forrest which extends right down to the beach. On the seaside it is embraced by the islands of Rügen and Usedom . The waters are relatively quiet and shallow, and the tourist hype so common in the the more famous coastal resorts is far away.

Lubmin has several prominent landmarks. The most obvious and ubiquitous is the pine tree, populating almost every garden. The coastal forrest sheltering beach makes for a unique atmosphere that is very hard to find in other places. Lubmins second landmark is the terminal. Any time of the day, cloudy or sunshine, it is the most popular destination for promenaders. In 2005, finally, Lubmin inaugurated its new tourist office. Constructed around the old train station, it also offers a library and assembly and conference rooms.

In addition to the recreational value Western Pomerania offers in general, Lubmin shines with several distinctive features. Most notably, Lubmin has risen to fame among the local walking community. The annual Walking Day never fails to attract hundreds of participants from all over the world. Moreover, the costal forrest is an wonderful terrain for horseback tours. To put it in a nutshell: Lubmin is, more that any other place, ideally suited for families, seniors and all those who seek undisturbed and peaceful recreation.